1. by Nicolas de Staƫl (Noon landscape)

  2. by Sascha Schuermann (Chicken eggs are colored for Easter, Breckerfeld, Germany, 2014)

  3. by Yves Herman (An aerial view of flower fields near the Keukenhof park, in Lisse, Netherlands, 2014)

  4. House of Communist Party, Bulgaria

  5. Golden Gate Studies by John Hoflehner

  6. by Wassily Kandinsky (Moscow I, 1916)

  7. by Roy Lichtenstein (Cow going abstract, 1982)

  8. Nicola Pitaro (Switzerland, 2014)

  9. by Jim lo Scalzo (Washington D.C., 2014)

  10. by Nurcholis Anhari Lubis (Cirebon, Indonesia, 2014)


  11. Awesome unique bags

  12. by Ernest Ashton (Evening at the Pyramids, 1898)

  13. by Maciej Herman (Stocznia Gdynia)

  14. Sarajevo

  15. by Gabriele Basilico (Giuseppe Ferrari Street, Milan, 1970s)